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Electrical Consulting Services

Focus on what you do best, we'll do the rest

Smooth. On Schedule. Within Budget.

Choose Moulison Associates to ensure your project runs smoothly, meets all schedules and deadlines, and is within the allocated budget. 

Pre-Design Survey

More often than not, changeorders are a result of existing conditions not accurately depicted on the drawings. Might be that a little more legwork needed to done prior to design.  Moulison Associates will do all the leg work, investigation, and documentation, prior to design, to avoid these costly changeorders.

Design Review

After 40+ years in the contracting business, we’ve learned a few things.  Specifically, how to look for the simple solution.  Value engineering is an important part of any project.  However, when changes can be made prior to bidding, the owner/end user is the benefactor of all the savings.

Bid Package Review

As a former contractor/estimator we know the importance of having all the information in a set of bid documents.  The less left to the imagination, the more accurate the estimate.  At Moulison Associates, we know what to look for from a contractor’s perspective, and will review and advise prior to the bid package hitting the street.  This means the competitive arena, remains competitive, by eliminating the need for “contingency funds” to cover the unknown.  The owner/end user is the benefactor of a good solid competitive bid.     


How often does the electrical design Engineer visit your project?  Not often.  In fact, hardly ever!  The inspection responsibility typically falls on the Resident Civil Engineer.  Unfortunately, the Civil Engineer does not have an electrical background. State and local electrical inspectors look for code violations, not the expertise and quality of the workmanship.  Moulison Associates provides ongoing or “spot” inspections to ensure your getting a first-class installation that will perform trouble free, and withstand the test of time.  This helps eliminate costly maintenance in the coming years.

Cost/Material Analysis

In the event of a changeorder, how do you know your getting the best bang for your buck?  Our quick and cost effective analysis will ensure a dollar earned for a dollar paid, with fairness to both the owner and the performing contractor.

After years of contracting, and the use of numerous electrical components, we developed a vast knowledge of what brands performs best.  Moulison Associates will review the project requirements and make recommendations as to the products and brands best suited for the application.  

Material Procurement

Many municipalities and Airports prefer to pre-purchase long lead materials in preparation for an upcoming project.  This enables projects to get a running start, by eliminating the long submittal and procurement process by the awarded contractor. Moulison Associates works with the owner and Engineer to build an accurate Bill of Material and get the order placed.  Our vast source of vendor relationships ensures you get the correct materials at the best price.  

Pre-Award Analysis

Prior to awarding a project, particularly if you feel the bid is low, Moulison Associates will work with the low bidder to ensure they have the expertise and horsepower to perform the project.  We will cover all aspects of your project and make sure the contractor has everything covered, to avoid any surprises after the project startup.  Moulison Associates knows the right questions to ask.

Project Closeout

As the project winds down Moulison Associates will provide final inspections, develop punchlists, and review test results.  Our expertise in the contracting business gives us the knowledge to know what to look for.  This service brings potential problems to the surface, and eliminates costly failures which can occur soon after the completion of a project     

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